Friday, February 11, 2011

January 14

Mr. Wang said that asked for a visitor opinion after, the cancel skis an arrangement, the travel agency compensates 130 dollars to each visitor.
Later on, the reporter arrives at the skiing field is front door, more than 10 public securities is divided into two rows.Guard the entrance of skiing field.
9:00 A.M. that day allows and rush through of 78 villager is desire hurtle into a skiing field and conflict with the public security obstructing, until people Jing arrives to just stop.
Keep highest noon at 10:00, inside the skiing field still get empty none person.
The skiing field calls to have contract receipt
"Have been contained since last Friday, can not conduct as usual up to now."Ten thousand Buddha international skiing field vice president, Reeve, say, January 14, the about 50 Ping Cun villager blocks up skiing field front door, make visitor not get into to combine speech threat.This week a, more than 60 villager"use from take of the iron chain son lock front door, also used a loader spade to come to big rock to block up a door."

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