Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mu was strange to descend bed

beautiful red lips opens and ripples to open in the silent cave like the pure spring tinkling singing.At this time Mu the hole room of the strange place in, have been lying the eye that the Mu over there was strange to slowly open a double, the brains is clear and matchless, be need not double the eye see, square number Zhang inside of the situation clearly reflect into mind.Sit to start, the Mu strange heart reads a to move and send forth thin lavender ray of light of yin and yang too very diagram obscure emergence at Mu strange in front, looking at the yin and yang of in front too very diagram, the Mu strange corner of mouth peeps out a silk to smile an idea.Yin and yang probably and at present too very the diagram defense dint differed to order and attackstoned dint to almost have no, but made reference to a bottom or a Mu strange oneself of the real strenght is too very too low, can not provide to urge yin and yang at all the strength of the diagram, after all all ages only gets rid of a dollar states and then conceives a soul machine embryo of also only Mu strange one person.However although there is temporarily no use, but yin and yang too very diagram can draw to take mysterious energy to nourish soul from the of world, this is absolutely the existence that goes against a sky, otherwise, just the Mu is strange suffer from of injury, if there is no yin and yang too very diagram, only afraid would not° until 12 years resume.The heart reads a to move, yin and yang too very diagram mergence Mu the strange between the eyebrows disappearance disappear, the Mu was strange to descend bed, one smiling of face idea, can imagine from getting rid of a dollar state to start the soul machine that the Yun keeps embryo, wait until the time that it is born will make a show of how dazzling ray of light.In the Mu fantasy wear future how oneself is the winds and clouds of Chi Mao of time, the singing pleasing the ear spreads, Mu strange Leng for a while, Yan Xi of voice he knows naturally, but have never thought the Yan Xi sings unexpectedly is also thus of moving.Listenned to in a short while, the Mu was strange the Pie mouth coming out hole room to whisper a way:"Yan Xi this small Niang skin doesn,t say to look after me as well, don,t know at why, so happy"Follow voice, the Mu is strange to silently close to, soon find out Yan of the place of Xi, however when the Mu is strange to see Yan of Xi of time, the whole individual drive at present of prospects

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